How Big is an AA Bra Size?

AA bra size is a smaller than average cup size, typically fitting women with very petite frames. The letters “AA” stand for the two measurements of the breast taken in inches: under bust and over bust. For example, an AA cup would be 32-34 inches around the bustline and 29-30 inches under the bust.

Is an AA Bra Size Considered Small?

Since AA bra sizes are so small, they may not be available in the wide range of styles and sizes that larger cup bras come in. However, there are still a variety of beautiful lingerie and swimwear options tailored to this size range.

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Women with AA cup sizes may find that their breasts are particularly sensitive and prone to pain due to the lack of support provided by traditional bras. To combat this, there are many specialty bras designed specifically for petite cup sizes that provide maximum comfort and coverage without compromising style. In addition, finding a perfect-fit bra can help reduce breast tenderness and discomfort.

For women with AA cup size, it is important to measure your bust accurately and find bras that fit properly. This way, you can ensure that you feel confident, comfortable, and supported in all of your clothing choices. With the right lingerie and swimwear options available, there is no reason why any woman can’t feel beautiful and confident regardless of her cup size.

How do A and AA cup sizes differ from one another?

The main difference between A and AA cup sizes is that the latter are smaller than average. An A cup size typically measures 33-34 inches around the bust line and 30-31 inches under the bust, whereas an AA cup usually measures 32-33 inches around the bust line and 29-30 inches under the bust.

A, AA, and AAA Cup Sizes Comparison

The difference between cup sizes is subtle and can be hard to detect. However, it is very important to get a bra that fits properly in order to provide the best support for your breasts. Women with AA cup size may find that specialty bras designed specifically for petite cup sizes are more comfortable and supportive than regular bras. 

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Cup Size Bust Under Bust
A 33-34 in. 30-31 in.
AA 32-33 in. 29-30 in.
AAA 31-32 in. 28-29 in.

What Bras are Best for A Cups?

Women with A cup size may find that bras with more coverage and structure, such as full-coverage or demi-cup bras, provide the most support and comfort. Wider straps on sports bras can also help to reduce tension on the shoulders.

For women who want a bit more lift, contoured molded cups are ideal for providing a subtle lift and shape to the breasts. In addition, bras with adjustable bands can be helpful for achieving the perfect fit. 

Stay away from bras with too much padding, as this can make the breasts appear smaller than they really are. In general, women with A cup size should look for bras that provide coverage, support and a bit of lift without adding additional bulk. This way, you can achieve a natural-looking silhouette [1] that is both comfortable and flattering.

Choose one of these types of bras instead:

  • Demi-cup bras: Provide coverage without adding bulk or padding
  • Contoured molded cup bras: Subtle lift and shape for a natural silhouette
  • Sports bras with wide straps: Reduce tension on shoulders
  • Adjustable band bras: Find the perfect fit for your body

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Ultimately, the best bra for any woman is the one that fits correctly and provides enough support without being uncomfortable. With the right lingerie, it’s possible to look beautiful and feel confident regardless of cup size.

Bottom Line

AA bra size is a smaller than average cup size typically fitting women with very petite frames.

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